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About Us

Service & Charity:

To assist the needy, the ill, and disabled through financial support, the provision of housing, and other support programs.

Community Involvement:

To encourage the active participation of our members in the political, social and economic life of our community; to participate in programs combating discrimination, racism, and social injustice.


To promote and preserve the Italian language, culture, and traditions in our country.

Vision Statement

The vision of the Orders Son of Italy of Canada is to garner and nurture the interest of our youth so they may continue to promote the Order and keep our rich italian heritage alive. Also to be recognized nationally as a philanthropic organization and foster strong relationships within our communities by our charitable work.


The Order Sons of Italy was formed in New York City in 1905 by Dr. Vincenzo Sellaro and a small group of individuals devoted to caring for the Italian immigrant in the early days of the twentieth century.

The first lodge in Canada was formed in 1915 in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario as a Mutual Benefit Society, to provide financial help and protection to Italian immigrants. It thus played a very important part in the lives of early immigrants providing material and spiritual support in times of illness, accident and death. At the same time, the Order served as social and recreational centres.

The Order Sons of Italy Canada has grown in strength and numbers since that time. It is currently a multi-faceted and dynamic organization serving the needs of the community in general. Its endeavors currently include public housing, retirement and nursing homes, charitable fund raising and giving, and support of the arts and the promotion of Italian culture.

The Order’s fundamental concept, its philosophy, as contained in the purpose clause of its Constitution, is simple. It contains three themes: Belief in God, the Brotherhood of man and Government by law.